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We cordially invite you to our exclusive ZATOKA SŁOŃCA resort, located 600 m from the sea and 1200 m from the lake, where 20 comfortable, well-equipped houses with 75 m2 of space together with a relaxation terrace are located in the area of 3500 m2. Each house has a fully-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, a living room, two bedrooms and a toilet with a bathroom. Terraces equipped with tables and places to sit are in front of the houses. You may use the beach chairs and beach shelters. Maximally 8 people may stay in a house. A pool, a playground, garden houses and roofed stone grills are within the resort. ZATOKA SŁOŃCA is a place, where you can relax perfectly in a comfortable, modern area full of greenery and attractions. We cordially invite you!

It is located near the beach, 5 minutes from the centre of the town. It offers over 70 attractions on 4 different routes to children and adults. Additionally, one may play slack-lining and to enjoy table football games in the Ropes Course.

This lighthouse, which is over 50 metres high, it is the second largest lighthouse in Poland. Its light is seen even from a distance of 36 km! It is open to the public and the view from it is breathtaking.

This road, which is over two kilometres long, leads from Mielno to Mielenko, between 150 year old lime trees older. The alley is an ecological corridor that connects both places, and it is a part of a system of regional tree stands, which have historical determinants. One may also walk through the forest or along the pavement.

Biggest in the world, is its central point and it covers an area of 1 hectare, the walls are 2 metres high, and corridors are 3 kilometres long. A 20-metre observation tower with unforgettable views is in the central part of the labyrinth.

The lake was formed from the former bay, two small rivers flow into it, the Dzierżęcinka and Uniesta. There are boats for hire (pedal boats, rowing boats, motor boats), it is also possible to sail on board the Mila excursion vessel. Fishing enthusiasts may buy special licences in Gospodarstwo Rybackie in Mielno.

There are many walking trials and bike trails along the Baltic Sea coast. Some of them are parts of the international bike trail. There are many monuments and natural monuments along these routes. Their lengths range from 15 to 45 kilometres.

ZATOKA SŁOŃCA is a good choice! We invite you for unforgettable holidays in the very beautiful, seaside town of Mielno. Our resort is a perfect place for holidays by the Baltic Sea.

A large recreational area, relaxation garden houses, places to grill, a ping pong table, table football, a well equipped television room, bike rental, and a swimming pool – we will not let you get bored in ZATOKA SŁOŃCA!

Mielno is a perfect place to spend holidays. A clean, sandy beach, many attractions offered to tourists on water and on land, relax in newly built, exclusive houses. WELCOME TO ZATOKA SŁOŃCA !

Anchor yourself comfortably in ZATOKA SŁOŃCA. We are waiting for you!
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