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  1. Those people who are in the Zatoka Słońca Resort site are obliged to obey these regulations, and in particular to behave in a way, which does not jeopardise the safety of other people, to abide by the instructions of the management of the resort, staff and security service, and conform to the regulations on Nature Conservation, occupational health and safety, and fire protection.
  2. Check-in and check-out at the Zatoka Słońca Resort applies and lasts from 16:00 to 10:00 next day, and quiet hours apply from 22:00 to 7:00.
  3. People who are on the resort site are subject to registration. Check-in shall be made immediately after arrival. Underage people may be registered only with an adult, and their stay in the resort is possible only under the care of adults.
  4. An additional person may be accommodated upon request of a person who rents a house / an apartment only when the management of the resort gives its consent and after completing formalities connected with registration and paying an appropriate fee.
  5. Visitors may stay in the resort from 9:00 to 22:00.
  6. A payment for stay in the resort shall be made immediately after arrival during registration. Additionally, a refundable deposit of PLN 500 is collected for the period of stay.
  7. The resignation of a part of the stay, late arrival or early departure that is not caused by the management of the resort, does not entitle a person to reimbursement of payments paid for the stay. The full resignation of the stay does not entitle a person to the reimbursement of the paid deposit.
  8. The payment of the deposit is synonymous with acceptance of terms and conditions of reservation and the regulations.
  9. Zatoka Słońca Resort collects the visitors’ tax, which is calculated according to the Resolution of the City Council of Mielno.
  10. An unguarded fenced car park is on the site of the Resort. Each house has a guaranteed single parking place.
  11. Zatoka Słońca Resort shall not bear legal and financial responsibility for damages or theft of cars left in the car park of the resort. However, the car park is monitored by the resort to increase safety.
  12. OA person who rents a house / an apartment is obliged to check the condition of house’s furnishings. The confirmation of conformity of furnishings with a list and the acceptance of financial responsibility for defects and damages caused during use. People who damage equipment, houses and surroundings shall bear financial responsibility (determined individually or on the basis of market prices) for damage caused. A renting person is obliged to make equipment settlements of a house before leaving the resort.
  13. The management of Zatoka Słońca Resort shall not bear financial responsibility for items and things left unattended on the resort site. Owners are obliged to protect their things from theft and damage.
  14. People, before leaving the resort, shall clean an occupied house, the space around a house, and take the waste to rubbish bins.
  15. Building bonfires and lighting the fire in grills is possible only in places indicated by the resort staff with special care and in compliance with fire protection regulations.
  16. There is a strict ban on use of open fires, frying fish (frying fish entails penalty fine of PLN 2000) and applicable to smoking in houses or apartments. In case of fire or other hazards people who are on the territory of the resort should follow the instructions of the fire protection regulations.
  17. The management of Zatoka Słońca Resort agrees to the keeping of small pets in houses except for high season after obtaining the previous consent of the staff of the resort. Pets must have current vaccination. A pet must be under full custody of its owner and may not disturb rest or pose a threat to other holidaymakers.
  18. An owner of a pet is responsible for all damage of the site and all financial damages caused by possessed pets to the amount of costs of repairs or replacements.
  19. Any person violating the regulations shall be asked to leave the resort. In case of refusal, he or she shall be handed over the police together with bringing proceedings in a minor offence cases.
  20. All matters not resolved herein shall be decided by the staff of Zatoka Słońca Resort.
  21. We do not provide sanitary products and cleaning supplies to our guests. Guests shall provide above-mentioned products and supplies for their own needs.
  22. Guests may light the fire in grills only in an indicated place and in grills that are specifically prepared for them. A person who lights the fire in a grill is also obliged to extinguish it.
  23. The following are prohibited in or around the houses:
    • disturbances, for example performing or playing loud music without the consent of the management,
    • behaviour of guests and people, who use services of the resort, should not interfere with the calm stay of other guests, because the management or employees may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who violates this rule,
    • behaviour that is generally considered to be indecent.
  24. At the same time we state that we are not responsible for inconvenience caused by reasons that are beyond our control, for instance interruptions in the supply of electricity or water.
  25. Speed limited to 5 km/h and one single direction of driving apply on the site of the resort.
  26. Please arrange leaving the resort by car after 22:00 with the management.
  27. The deposit paid for the reservation is forfeit in the case of cancelling reservation.
  28. It is prohibited to connect small electrical stoves in houses without the consent of the owner.
  29. It is prohibited to wash cars and motor vehicles on the site of the wooden houses resort.
  30. We ask that rubbish is taken out of houses to the containers on the resort.
  31. Complaints can be submitted by e-mail to Zatoka Słońca reserves the right to consider the complaint within 30 days.

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